Euless Maps

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Available Maps

  • The Primary Map provides information about Property Ownership, Zoning Districts, Survey Data Sheets, Plat Look Up, 2018 Aerial Photos, and Trash / Recycle Collection Days.
  • The Public Art in Euless story map shows pictures and locations of public art installations around Euless.
  • Taking its cues from a local history book, the History of Euless story map adds a geographic reference to these historic locations.
  • The large Tile Mural in the Mary Lib Saleh Public Library shows a pictorial history with ceramic tiles, and this index explains each tile.
  • The Historic Painted Mural in the Heritage Museum, steps through the history of Euless in painted vignettes.
  • The Tree Legacy program has identified Historic Trees around Euless.
  • Use the Packaged Alcohol Sales Zoning Districts Map to determine where packaged alcohol sales are allowed.
  • Use the City Limit Line Index to research the origins of each segment of the city limit line and see the ordinances that established them.


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