McCormick Preserve Historic Tree Grove

Welcome to one of the finest and most unique tree planting projects in the Metroplex. This grove, located in the Preserve at McCormick Park, is the result of the American Forests Famous and Historic Tree Program and the City of Euless Parks & Community Services Department. The grove serves as a living classroom where citizens, young and old, can learn and experience a part of American history.

Trees have always been a part of man’s need for survival, from the food he eats to keeping warm in the winter. Trees are an important part of our landscape and are protectors of the environment. Trees are a source of joy and spiritual renewal. They are a part of our past and a promise for our future.

Americans are fortunate to have a rich and colorful historic heritage. Trees stand as living witnesses to lives and events that shaped our history. As a way to preserve our history, this Grove was planted with trees purchased from American Forests and trees grown from Euless Historic sites.

American Forests Famous and Historic Trees is dedicated to preserving our environment and teaching people about our national heritage by collecting seeds and cuttings from trees that have historic significance. Euless Historic trees were grown from cuttings of the original trees and nurtured in the greenhouse of the Euless Parks Department. The Famous and Historic Tree Grove consists of 31 different trees that have been placed into 7 categories.

As you venture through the grove, you will gain a new respect for how long trees live and what these trees have to tell us. We hope that you have a wonderful experience, and please remember to leave nothing but your footprints and take nothing but your memories.

For guided tours, comments or for other information, please call the Euless Parks & Community Services Department at 817-685-1652.

The Historic Tree Grove features the following trees:

  • Alamo Red Oak
  • Jim Bowie Live Oak
  • Treaty Oak
  • Goose Island Live Oak
  • Clara Barton Red Bud
  • Ben Milam Bald Cypress
  • Sam Houston Pecan
  • Wright Brothers Short Leaf Pine
  • Susan B. Anthony Sycamore
  • President Carter Slash Pine
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower Persimmon
  • Gettysburg Kentucky Coffee Tree
  • Robert E. Lee Sweet Gum
  • Johnny Appleseed Apple
  • Elvis Presley Sweet Gum
  • Fort Ticonderoga Green Ash
  • Fort Atkinson Black Locust
  • Independence Hall Black Locust
  • Minute Man Maple
  • J. Sterling Morton Bur Oak
  • Byers Lumber Yard fig tree
  • Fuller House Magnolia
  • Elisha Adam Euless Post Oak
  • George Washington Carver Green Ash