Adopted Capital Improvements Program Budget

The City of Euless Capital Improvements Program is a comprehensive document detailing all projects that have been identified to date. Emphasis has been placed on organizing this data in a manner that will facilitate decision-making processes, assist in long-range planning, and provide the citizens of Euless with information regarding planned projects.

This book is divided into three sections: Funded Projects, Proposed and Unfunded Projects and Completed Projects. Each section begins with a summary and is followed by detailed data for those wishing to research individual projects. The detail provided included the project’s relationship to City master plans, the project description and justification, the effect on future maintenance and operating costs and the estimated total cost.

Within each section, you will find the detailed descriptions sorted by type. There are five basic project types: Drainage, Streets, Wastewater, Water and Other. This document is prepared as a comprehensive summary of capital needs that have been identified through the City of Euless. This document will be updated annually to aid the City Council in allocating resources and determining priorities.

To keep citizens informed, public notices are posted throughout the budgeting process.

Capital Improvements Program Documents