Compost-ology Worm
Harvesting Worms - Other Methods

Maintaining two worm bins allows you to simply stop feeding one and let the worms finish composting its contents. When the compost is done, it can be harvested for use in the garden, worms and all.

Harvesting worms for starting new worms bins is simple. Place some cornmeal or cereal in a shallow trench in the bedding. Cover the trench with a piece of moist paper or cardboard. Return the next day to find a mass of worms which can be easily scooped out.

Since worms are sexually mature three weeks after hatching, you're going to have lots of worms. What do you do with all those extra worms?

  • Make an extra bin.
  • Make a larger bin.
  • Put them in your garden - worms are nature's roto-tillers.
  • Assist a friend in starting to vermicompost.