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Feeding Your Worms

You’ve set up your bin, the worms are in, for the next few months all you have to do is feed them the right things in the proper amounts until it is time to harvest the castings.

What do they like? Organic foods, just like all of the things people eat, only with even greater variety. Organic includes everything that is alive or ever was alive. Just like humans, red wigglers appreciate plenty of fiber and a varied diet.

Keep in mind that you are not only feeding the worms, but also the thousands of microscopic organisms which are breaking down the food for the worms. These organisms can only work on the food surfaces that they can reach, so the finer you chop up your kitchen waste, the easier it is for all of the decomposers to do their jobs. But if you don’t, eventually they will break it down but it will take longer.

Remember to bury the food under the bedding and to not overfeed the worms.

What to Feed Worms
You shouldn’t run out of things to feed worms. Here is a short list of worms favorites:

apple peels & cores orange peels coffee grounds & filters
vegetable trimmings cabbage grapefruit peels
celery egg shells melon rinds
lettuce onion peel potato peels
tea bags banana peels plate scrapings
leftovers leaves bedding in the bin

Worms do NOT eat:

meat bones dairy products
sauces oils salty foods (chips, olives)
vinegar green grass fruit pits